Services We Provide

Our goal is to help you succeed. Get innovative, custom software solutions tailored to your business and customer needs that drive success—whatever success means to you.

Let us solve your business problems and conquer your biggest technology challenges with custom software engineering solutions. You get a dedicated development team that focuses solely on your project. Whether you’re looking for enterprise software development or a mobile app, we provide an array of services that span from consulting and ideation to UI and UX development, tech support, and everything in between.


Magnolia goes well beyond expectations. We provide complex services to meet a variety of challenges global businesses face today. We offer innovative technology solutions to fit every need with our customers’ success in mind.


Dedicated Development Team

Save time and money by relying on our dedicated development teams. We will provide or manage any development wizard you require.

Website Development Services

Overcome business challenges and fuel your growth with our full-cycle Web software development services and custom solutions.

Mobile APPlication Development

Build a superior mobile application with full-cycle mobile app development services. We can assist in all stages of app development, from concept to maintenance of a ready product.

UI/UX and Graphics Design

Scodus UI/UX team helps to build clear vision of your developing systems, right way assure reliable development, and monitor operational efficiency.

Blockchain Services

We provide completwe Web3 JS services for you. Our team of blockchain enthusiast will be there to assist you through any Web3 related products and projects


We will provide you high end cloud services and scaling solutions for your product. Our highly skilled devops team will be there you keep uptime24/7 for you

Get In Touch

Our team will be there 24/7 to answer all your queries. We can get started with a short introduction as we beleive in a long term relationship 


We are here to answer all your questions. Feel free to ask

Yes, Scodus will provide you a right person that fulfills your technical specifications for your team. We have been providing some of our developers to different companies to display their technical skills.

We have a group of skilled man powers assigned to a specific client. So, you should not be worried about any delay or quality of the work because out team will give it all for your project.

We specialize in the website, software, application development along side we also work on DevOps, Graphics Design and Digital Marketing. It looks like we are adding a lot but we do have a seperate department for every items listed